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Moo Luxe Business Card Review 2015

Our 2015 Moo Luxe Business Card Review.

A client wanted to order these so we took one for the team and ordered a small batch of the Moo Luxe Business Cards for Moon & Owl Marketing first. Good cards but one big concern (you’ll see the pun in a bit).

Packaging | A+

The packaging for the cards is great. Cards were well packed to prevent damage, and they even provide a smaller carrying box to set on a desktop with a magnetized closing lid. Nice touch. Easy to open.

Moo Card Packaging 1

Moo Card Packaging 2

Price | B-

These are Luxe cards, short for Luxury or Deluxe, and you WILL be paying extra for them.

$111.74 with shipping and tax for 200 cards .

So each card you give away needs be worth departing with $0.58 cents.

Print Quality | A

We had our Moo Luxe cards done with a matte finish. The front of our cards are dark blue. The initial printing looks good, with proper color matching and good ink saturation. The navy blue of our card could have easily been washed out or inconsistent. It wasn’t. Great ink job, Moo.

Moo Luxe Card Packaging


Thickness | B

Why we initially liked the thickness of the cards, we soon noticed an interesting phenomenon every time we handed someone our card. They grabbed the card, looked at it, and then tried to peel it apart as if we had given them two cards stuck together.

Moo Luxe Card Thickness


The cards actually are two different pieces of paper bonded to a plastic middle sheet. Think of the paper as the oreo cookies and the plastic as the filling.

Is this good or bad? Not sure yet. It DID draw attention to the card, but maybe not the attention you want. It is almost as if they had the impression we handed them sticky cards. Each time we found ourselves saying, “No it’s just one card. They’re weird like that.” If you go with the theory that any publicity is good publicity, you’ll love these.


The Wallet Test | C-

Many a card lives or dies by its ability to be carried in a wallet either by the giver or by the receiver. Because the Moo Luxe cards are slightly larger than a typical card, they don’t fit in many wallet slots.

Moo Luxe Card Size Comparison

Several times we have handed a card to a contact and watched as they tried to stick it into their wallet only to say, “Hmmm” when it wouldn’t fit into the given slot. They then slid the card into their pocket. No telling where that card will end up. (This is the “big” problem…you can laugh now.)

Time Tested | B-

Over time we noticed because of the double ply system the Moo cards, the edges of the paper card extends a bit beyond the plastic middle, the edges frayed more than a high-end thick single ply card. Our navy edge saw some slight fraying to white along the top after it had been carried around in different places.

Overall Grade | A-

Overall, the cards do make a solid first impression. Our main concern lies with the fact that often they don’t fit in traditional holder sizes (slots in wallets, card pages, etc.). Solid printing and a card which must be reckoned with once it is in the recipient’s possession. Good stuff.

Moo Business Cards also makes some Moo Luxe square cards and Moo Luxe Mini Cards that are unique.

If you need card design, logo creation or branding materials, call us @817-889-1487.



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