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Fort Worth Social Media Marketing Trends

Here are some current trends in Fort Worth social media marketing (commonly called, SMM). If you own a small business in the Fort Worth area, this article provides you straightforward social media strategies and tactics you must be using to up your game. We’ve even included your first action step in easy to read orange […]

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Facebook Ad Targeting (One Simple Trick to Keep You From Wasting Money)

You Should Be Using Facebook Ad Targeting to Grow Your Business. Facebook is a VALUABLE social media marketing platform for small business marketing and promotion. For a fraction of the cost of print or SEO and often Google Adwords, you get access to people who are prone to engage your services or purchase your product. […]

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If You Could Only Have One Product or Service Offered?

If your business had to discontinue all products or services except for one, which one would you keep offering? Why? Spend time reflecting on The Why. Is it the easiest service to complete/product to make? Is it the product you most enjoy making or service to perform? Or is it the most profitable? Now answer […]

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Non-Profit SEO: The Vantage Point Church Case Study

Non-profit SEO (being found on search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.) is needed by the organizations as much as a small or large business. If you truly believe in your cause and that others should be involved in it, there is NO reason to miss out on capturing people’s attention through the internet. Moon & […]

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